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Old School Photos

Old school page is a collection of past racing photos that the family has been involved in. 
All photos come from Greg's past that are from his earliest days of racing.

Hank Butcher in 1971 Antioch, that's all of us kids in the photo

Gary Patterson (GP) in my dads car 1975

My dads car in 1968 Opperman drove it this night for his 1st time in a sprint car

Dads car again in 1969 Billy Anderson driving it this day

Steve Kinser at a party we had in West Capitol (1978) Gold Cup

Don Melvin in my Dads Bicentennial painted car (1976)

Opperman going to his 1st ride in a sprint car at Ascot

Opperman getting ready to race at Dixon CA

Dads #17 car in 77, Phill Pedler driver Jimmy Boyd to left and Jimmy Sills to the right

My dads car in 79 winning the main event and getting the track record
at Calistoga that has held up for a non wing car 40 lap main event.

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2013 Yannazzo Motorsports